Changes in Windscreen Insurance

Endorsement 89

Since July 17, 2006 there has been a significant change in your windscreen insurance cover concerning claims made. Prior to this date, all claims made on your windscreen insurance effectively voided your cover making it necessary to reinstate cover by paying a corresponding premium of 15% of the sum insured.

With the new amendment to Endorsement 89, it has become possible to make claims for repairs on your policy without the resulting termination of cover. Instead, you will still enjoy protection - only your sum insured is reduced by the amount of the claim and even subsequent claims within the tenure of your policy.

In March 2007, through the good office of the insurance association of Malaysia, PIAM and approval from Bank Negara, a further amendment was made to make it possible for insured parties as an option, to top up or reinstate the sum insured to the original amount by paying a 15% premium of the claim made. For example, if you had made a repair claim of RM200 on your RM2000 policy, you can now pay a premium of 15% of the RM200 claimed ( RM30 ) to reinstate your policy back to RM2000. If you do not, the coverage would continue anyway but at RM1800 for the rest of the term of your policy.

How Do You Make A Claim ?

At Glass Mechanic, you do not have to do anything if you are insured with any of the insurance companies to which we serve as their authorized repairer. We do the verification of cover, take the pictures before and after repair, restore your windscreen as close to original as possible and do the necessary paperwork. Well, you will need to sign a claim form and discharge letter - in some cases.

So really, all you have to do is bring your car in, or if that is not possible, call us for our mobile service, and forget about even running to the ATM before that.

The paranoia about making insurance claims is misplaced when it comes to windscreen repair. At Glass Mechanic, it is now cashless, yes you pay nothing upfront, there is minimal paperwork, it is fast, there is no top up, no reinstatement and you get to keep your original windscreen with the seal intact providing you with a level of safety which a replacement could otherwise compromise if badly done.


The State of Massachusetts, USA has insurance laws that make repair of damaged windscreens mandatory for spot breaks less than one inch in diameter or cracks less than six inches long. Safety concerns arising from bad replacement jobs had prompted the Commissioner to issue this directive.