Protecting the Environment

World Environment Day
June 05, 2012

Each year, Malaysians dump over 3,000,000 kg of windscreen glass into landfills. The financial implication is that about RM200 million is just thrown away. From an environmental viewpoint, it takes on another dimension.

Many may think that glass is just glass and it can be recycled. The truth is, almost all windscreens we see today are of the laminated type - two layers of glass with a polyvinyl butyral film in between. It is this plastic film that renders windscreen glass non recyclable - or at least not economically feasible. Hence the only way to dispose of unwanted windscreens is to dump them into the earth.

Sadly, this windscreen glass does not biodegrade. It stays in the earth for centuries! In just one state in the US, Oregon to be precise there are already 30 million metric tones of windscreen glass in landfills. We would all agree that trees don't grow on glass.

As responsible inhabitants of Mother Earth, let us take meaningful steps towards preserving our environment so that our future generations can have a better place to live in. Our plea is simple - do not simply discard your windscreen just because it has a break. There is more than a 90% chance that it can be repaired. We can do it.

The manufacture of windscreens itself consumes a huge amount of energy. It generates considerable mining waste and air pollutants as well. So each windscreen you discard, also means having to get a new one installed creating new demand for increased manufacturing.

Every damaged windscreen you send in for repair equates to one less being dumped into a landfill. In the few years we have been repairing windscreen breaks, we have indirectly saved thousands of windscreens from burial. For this we have to thank each of our customers for taking that initiative.

Bless you all. You are truly Friends of the Earth.