Benefits Of Repair

In recent years, the extensive and often mandatory use of laminated glass for windscreens have created a major market for repairs in the auto service industry. In the old days of the tempered glass windscreen, repair was non existent. Now, with increased awareness of the safety and convenience of repair, replacements have very often been rendered unnecessary and impractical.

Consider the benefits in terms of :

Time - a repair job usually takes less than an hour whilst a replacement will take up a whole day. Anything less may render your vehicle unsafe to drive.

Money - a repair job costs you a fraction of the cost of a replacement. The bigger the car, the bigger the difference !

Saving Your Tinted Film - more money savings here as you keep the film if you repair. Likewise, you throw away your film when you throw away your windscreen.

Keeping your windscreen seal intact - yes, we do not remove your windscreen for repair. That means absolutely no risk of water or air leakage which may give rise to corrosion and subsequent safety issues.

We guarantee our repair - For Life. So as long as you own the car, we are obligated to rectify or touch up any defect that may crop up later at no cost to you. And if that still does not meet your approval, it's money back ! Would you get that with a replacement, anywhere ?

And lastly, if you are covered by windscreen insurance, we have these to add :

Pay Nothing Upfront - if you are insured with any of our affiliated insurance companies. Yes, It's cashless.

No Top Ups - since our repairs never cost more than the windscreen. So there is no fear if you are under insured even.

No Reinstatement Of Policy - With the change in Endorsement 89, you can now make partial claim on your policy for repair without loss of NCD or suffer termination of policy. Your claim only reduces the sum insured accordingly.

Multiple claims allowed - with the said change in the endorsement, you are also now entitled to make multiple repair claims on the same policy.

Hassle free claims - in many of our cases, paperwork is minimal or even zero for the insured. We undertake claim submission. Even your agent has nothing to do.