About Us

Incorporated in 2003, Glass Mechanic Sdn Bhd is a professional glass repair and restoration company. Specialising in windscreen repair and polishing, the company has grown to be the accepted repairer for a wide spectrum of corporate and retail customers, including some international names in car rentals, motor insurance, franchised auto service centres and public transport.

From the small Kancil to the Rolls Royce, and the exotic Porsche and Ferrari in between, we have the track record of repairing their damaged windscreens. As an extension of our repair service to the auto industry, we have also included building glass repair in our scope. The year 2007 saw us contracted to repair windscreens for express trains.

So whether it is just a small chip, a complex break, wiper scratches or chemical stains on your windscreen, we have the expertise to remedy and restore it - to as close as original as possible.

For more information about the Company's services and rates, customers may call us at our Helpline, 03 7873 7873 or email us at enquiry@glassmechanic.com.my